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Origins of "Better Than Bitter"
"Better Than Bitter" was the name of a blog that Shawn Michael hosted for some time that focused on strategies to make each day the best it could be. At the time, Shawn was a single mother of three children facing the daily challenges that any single parent faces. It was a struggle to balance the needs of the children for time, attention and guidance, and to work multiple jobs to raise the financial resources required. There were personal tragedies, difficulties with school, and relationship struggles. There was ample opportunity for the family to dip their toes in a pool of bitterness. In Shawn's mind, however, it served no purpose to chain herself or her children to negativity. Instead, she kept an eye on the future, and everyone moved forward regardless of the curve balls that life threw at the family.
As time has moved on, so have the children - they are all pursuing life's adventures with frequent stops back at Shawn's either by phone or in-person for words of encouragement, a piece of pie, or just someone to hear out their next big idea.
As Shawn began to think of the opportunity of creating this consulting practice, the lessons learned from the years of "Better Than Bitter" were top of mind.
Make each day the best it can be....
Learn from mistakes, and then move on...
Reach out often to those who are there for you and provide constructive advice...
People who communicate in a positive and constructive manner are much more enjoyable to spend time with...
Shawn decided that the philosophy she wanted to follow in work was the same that had served her and her family so well - the name of this organization serves as a daily reminder to follow that path.